Today’s automotive customers are savvy, demanding and – with readily available consumer resources – more knowledgeable than ever before. PHANTOM INDIA’s Automotive programs provide industry leaders around the world with customized research and information that helps automotive sales teams execute dynamic, customer service-oriented sales models, as well as develop strategies for increasing long-term customer relationships.


Automotive service companies like yours receive immediate feedback that helps improve customer service, wait times and appointment setting. Your company can be evaluated at multiple points of service, determining your associates’ level of service and franchise / brand compliance.

Consumer Electronics

Sales of consumer electronics are continuing to grow exponentially around the world. As technology continues to improve and consumers become more and more knowledgeable, the competitive landscape for retailers of consumer electronics is getting tougher. Assessing customer feedback and brand perception can be the critical difference your company needs to distinguish itself in a saturated marketplace. PHANTOM INDIA can design a customized program with your organization to parse the essential data you need to maintain your edge and drive your business.


Banks – Savings and Loan – Credit Unions

Our financial clients demand innovative strategies to position them as recognized leaders in an ever-evolving financial marketplace. PHANTOM INDIA offers clients customized research programs to add value to and design strategy options for financial institutions both large and small – from local credit unions to international lenders. Our proven methods allow our clients to gain a necessary edge over competitors.

Gaming and Leisure

PHANTOM INDIA is uniquely positioned to help your business improve and protect its reputation in the Gaming and Leisure industry. With PHANTOM INDIA’s tailored programs, your business can increase guest loyalty, improve employee commitment and add value to your existing recreational services. Our professional Trainers and Mystery Guests will visit and assess all areas of your organization, including the Food & Beverage department, Game Dealers, Slot Staff, Pit Management, Cage & Cashier staff, Player Club Services & Development and even Concierge Services. The detailed reports that result will help your Gaming and Leisure business meet and exceed training and operational goals.


Grocery – Pharmacy – FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

As demographic and consumer lifestyles change rapidly in the new economy, many Grocery and FMCG businesses find themselves having to assess and adjust quickly to keep up. Such dynamic shifts affect not only how consumers shop, but also where they choose to shop. Creating strong brand identity, leveraging new product categories and growing the customer base are core concerns that no consumer product company can afford to ignore.

Health and Wellness

Fitness and Spa Services

PHANTOM INDIA Health and Wellness program has helped more than 1,000 health clubs and spas around the country to get ahead. PHANTOM INDIA has the knowledge and experience to help your organization assess and perfect its services and offerings.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Ensuring a high standard of care is essential for any hospital or healthcare facility. PHANTOM INDIA helps you assess and improve your quality standards through our discreet, non-invasive Healthcare check-up programs. We can work with hospitals, clinics and labs to improve standards and maintain responsible patient care. Our tailored programs can help your organization retain current patients, impress new ones and even protect your facility against potential liability issues.


Hotel – Restaurant – Bar – Resort – Cruise – Spa

PHANTOM INDIA can provided customized research programs to management professionals at businesses like yours across the country, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and spas. The end results of PHANTOM INDIA’s Hospitality programs are streamlined operations, increased restaurant and bar integrity and high-quality customer service. Our programs are thorough. PHANTOM INDIA assesses every area of your property, from van service to telephone support and from housekeeping to the pool area. We work with your organization and include as much or as little as you need. At PHANTOM INDIA , we invest significant time and resources in training our Hospitality evaluators and adhere to strict ethical standards.


New Home Construction – Property Management – Office Space Leasing – Multi family Housing

n a market as prone to ups and downs as the Housing Industry, companies need to constantly reassess key data to remain competitive. For more than 20 years, PHANTOM INDIA can provide the critical research our clients need to remain competitive by highlighting specific areas of focus that coincide with changes in the housing market. PHANTOM INDIA can provide research programs for high-profile trainers in the housing industry. These programs enable clients to make better hiring choices and improve employee training.


PHANTOM INDIA’s customer feedback programs, like our mystery guest visits can identify the key drivers at your establishment that are encouraging customer satisfaction and revisit intent. Positive staff attitudes are particularly crucial in the restaurant & food service industry. Mystery Customer Research can ascertain if your staff is motivated, loyal and dedicated to your brand. Actionable program feedback gives management teams critical areas on which to focus to improve your organization’s overall performance. This in turn will allow your organization to provide clear expectations and achievement goals that will drive employee engagement.


PHANTOM INDIA currently performs retail evaluations in over 28 cities across the country. We know it is critical for retailers to maximize profitability to stay competitive; we’ve combined this knowledge with years of experience to develop our comprehensive Mystery Customer Research programs. Our programs help retailers to improve operations, enhance customer service, develop brand loyalty and increase revenue.

New Product and Services Research

This is fast becoming one of our most sought after services. Over the years, Phantom India has developed a reputation for excellence in the customer service evaluation industry, but what you might not know is that we also assist clients who are in search of consumer opinion and insight prior to the launch of new products and services.

Employee and Customer Surveys

These are used by many corporations to determine levels of satisfaction among employees and existing customers. Too often, we forget to ask those who are already using our products and services or working for us how we're doing at meeting their needs. Phantom India’s surveys are designed to get you the feedback you need to retain those who make up these two important audiences.


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