PHANTOM INDIA was founded in 2014 and our firm continues to evolve in response to the demands of our clients and the changing pace of business and commercial life.

We aim to provide our clients with the very best contemporary service and imaginative advice, always with a view to adding value to their business and financial affairs. Every one of our clients is treated as an individual and we tailor our recommendations accordingly, which is probably why they tend to stay. We believe that a defining factor is the value we place on integrity, using it as our guiding principle in all that we do.

We are highly motivated and committed to providing a high level of service. Being practical and proactive we are continually striving to create added value for our clients. Our growth has come from providing client satisfaction - the majority of our work coming from recommendation from happy clients. Our professional approach blended with personal touch has earned us enormous confidence of all our clients, which is reflected in an enduring business relationship that we enjoy with them as also in the consistent growth in portfolio of our services

Our client base includes businesses from every industry sector. The breadth of our clientele means that we have comprehensive practical experience of issues involved in the services

Our professional approach blended with personal touch has earned us enormous confidence of all our clients, which is reflected in an enduring business relationship that we enjoy with them as also in the consistent growth in portfolio of our services.


A dynamic mix of Financial, Operational & Administration professionals with a combined experience of over 30 years.

Our multifunctional team is capable of –

  • Demonstrating quick appreciation of business needs, objectives and roadblocks

  • Developing realistic business solutions with cross functional perspective

  • Delivering high efficiency in challenging, operations-intensive control audits



To be a market leader and help companies deliver a world-class customer satisfaction and experience, while ensuring the quality of our networks and maintaining a cost efficient structure


Phantom India’s mission is to help companies collect and analyse data in an easy and efficient way to help them in achieving maximum customer satisfaction thereby making them a market leader in their respective fields.

We are a wide network across Indian and we have achieved this network by being innovative, reliable and customer friendly. Wherever we operate, we act in a responsible way, based on a firm set of values and business principles. Our services form a major part of people’s daily lives – for business, education and pleasure.We act in a responsible way, basing our activities on a firm set of values and business principles.


Add value

We are customer focused and business minded. Innovation and pioneering are important aspects of a business. By collaborating in teams and across borders, we share knowledge and use our resources efficiently. We take ownership, follow up and give feedback to ensure that we foster simple and sustainable solutions that deliver value for our clients

Show respect

We demonstrate trust, courage and integrity in everything we do. We place a high value on our employees’ knowledge and diversity, and share the responsibility for creating a good working climate. We treat others the way we want to be treated; in a professional and fair manner. We carefully protect customer privacy and network integrity, and always act in the best interests of our clients and our company.

Make it happen

We constantly make decisions to drive development and change; planning and fast implementation are crucial to our business. We make the best use of our employees’ competence and commitment to maintain a dynamic business climate where everyone contributes. We make it easy and rewarding to do business with us, and always deliver on our promises.


Mystery shopping is all about giving feedback about a store’s customer service. This means going to the store, interacting with employees, and then filling out a report detailing your experiences. Mystery shops can include any components as directed by the client. Are sales being recorded into the register? Is money being placed in the register? While most programs are about measuring customer service, there are a range of other possible objectives including:

  • Compliance - are your staff complying with legal requirements?
  • Security - are your staff being honest about using the till, giving receipts, not pocketing cash, etc?
  • Standards - are your staff following company laid-down standards and procedures?
  • Incentives - we can help you identify staff who deserve a reward.
  • Competitor Monitor - we can benchmark you against competitors - by service, by price or both (within Market Research Society guidelines)
  • Benchmarking - we can benchmark your service against best-of-breed companies in their industries.
  • Training Needs Analysis - identifying weaknesses in the service chain which indicate a training need, and confirm afterwards how effective the training has been.
  • Continuous Improvement - we have techniques which provide you with an ideal basis for helping every branch or every staff member to strive towards excellence

Benefits of Mystery Shopping

What gets measured gets managed and what gets evaluated gets the employees' attention. Here is how you can use and benefit from the mystery shopping process:

  • Retain more current customers
  • Attract new customers
  • Improve customer service levels and sales skills
  • Monitor employee compliance with training programs and processes
  • Measure effectiveness of training initiative
  • Reward your people for exceptional performance
  • Evaluate your competition
  • Increase sales by measuring and increasing add-on sales invitations
  • Validate safety and security measures are being followed
  • Identify best practices and its implementation
  • Identify training needs for additional coaching and education for improvement


Our auditors will visit outlets selling all brands, competing brand and collect data to analyse the sales pattern of different brands in a particular item and analyse the date


Our auditors will conduct franchise audits using your existing franchise royalty audit template or one that we create together. The audits are used to identify under reporting of sales and other theft indicators.


Franchised stores can be investigated as needed to help obtain evidence of under reporting, unauthorized transfer, unauthorized distribution and supply channels.


Visits are made to raise awareness, deter under reporting of sales, and to occasionally audit the franchisees. Franchisees respond when an auditor is at their location and looking through their business with a watchful eye.


PHANTOM INDIA can conduct brand standard evaluations as often as required by the franchisor. Reports of findings and areas of serious non-compliance are presented to our client’s legal department in the form of actionable data. This will allow our client to follow up on issues using curable or non-curable defaults.


Stock audits help retail outlets in controlling several cost components. They help to check the level of opening stock and closing stock from previous periods, and thus help the company to account for short supply, damages, expired items, quality and quantity. Stock audits also check the billing process and ensure proper cash management.


Retail Audits are fundamental tool for managing a businesses brand. There are two main factors that influences the customer purchases. For some it will be purely price, for others it will be brand. Maximising brand awareness and ensuring the price is competitive and well communicated are the two major goals of marketing team. Hence the need of conducting retail audits arises. Also, Mystery Shoppers are generally impartial and focus on the service that they receive

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